Monday, November 17, 2014

How Easy Backup, Recovery and Restore Windows 7

How Easy Backup Windows 7 - For users of Windows 7 you definitely been facing serious problems, such as could not get into the operating system, the computer always restarts itself, can not be loading and other problems. Although the most frustrating and troublesome is to reinstall the operating system.

To overcome so as not to re-install the operating system Windows 7 is the way to backup data. With so any time there are problems as I review the above then you will not be bothered with you reinstall Windows. You just do a restore image that has previously been made by way of a backup on your own operating system.

How Easy Backup, Recovery and Restore Windows 7
How Easy Backup, Recovery and Restore Windows 7

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How to Backup of Windows 7
  • Open Windows Explorer Application.
  • Then right click on your C Drive select Properties > Tools and click on Backup Now.
  • Continue with the Create a system image and specify where to save the backup file to more quickly select On a hard disk.
  • Finally click Next and provide a check on the spot to save the results of the backup windows 7 and do not forget to remove the drives that do not need.
How to Perform a Backup of Windows 7

How to Recovery Windows 7
  • Still the same location as the backup (Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore) select Create a system repair disc.
  • Then find where the CD / DVD (but prior to first insert a blank DVD into the optical drive) and then click Next and wait until the burning process is complete. At the end of the process Windows will show that the CD / DVD can be used to process Repair Windows 7.
How to Perform Recovery Windows 7

How to Restore Windows 7
  • Finally after doing the above two processes occur at any time problems in the operating system Windows 7 yours doing the restore process in a way.
  • Insert the CD/DVD recovery which had previously been made and continue to make settings in the BIOS so that the optical drive into the first processed.
  • After going to show Re-image your computer and then the Select a system image and click Next.
  • Wait until the process is completed.

Similarly easiest way Backup, Recovery and Restore Windows 7 may be beneficial to you all.

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