Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unique: 7 Animals Camouflage Capabilities

7 animals with the ability to camouflage - camouflage or disguise is one of the best defenses to protect themselves from enemies. In this case, in addition to the military's applied in one of them is special forces, also carried by some animals. Animals do this camouflage with the aim to defend themselves so as not to know that at any time the enemy will attack also be used to search for prey.

Of the many animals that exist hemisphere do not all have the ability to disguise. 7 of which have the ability to camouflage:
  1. Flat fish or Stone flounder. Fish with Latin Kareius bicoloratus have camouflage capability high enough because it can equate her with sand in the water surface. So that human and animal predators can not know clearly.

  2. stone flounder camouflage

  3. Long Horned Frogs. Frog which has the Latin name Megophrys nasuta living in one of the island of Borneo, Indonesia. Has advantages camouflaged, when compared with the frogs in general where the body can be changed as dry leaves and green foliage to obtain prey while keeping yourself from the enemy that is not known.

  4. katak tanduk panjang kamuflase

  5. The tail gecko leaves or Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko living area of Africa, in addition to his name which is quite spooky but the ability of these animals can be said to be perfect in terms of camouflage. This gecko is able to change the color of the body becomes like a dry leaf on a tree branch.

  6. tokek ekor daun
    credit picture : web.stanford.edu

  7. Spider Goldenrod Crab - Animals are often seen in goldenrod flowers is able to change the color of the body such as the goldenrod flower petals.

  8. Goldenrod Crab Spider
    credit picture : redorbit.com

  9. Insect Twig or Phasmatodea - Animals that have tropical and subtropical habitats in place is able to change the color of the body resemble tree branches. Thus making the predator be fooled.

  10. Phasmatodea camouflage capabilities

  11. American pika - small animals like mice and has the Latin name Ochotona princeps has the ability to fool predators view by way of silence in one of the rocks that have shades of color as the fur.
  12. american pika
    credit picture : richarddumoulin.com

  13. Great Potoo - It is a bird that is similar to the crow, but larger size, is able to hide themselves from predatory attacks with silence in the tree that is almost dry and automatically feathers will resemble the branches. In addition, fur color hue colored light gray, cream and chocolate can be easily camouflaged like a dry tree branch.

  14. great potoo camouflage

This is information about 7 animals with camouflage capabilities, so as not attacked by the enemy, and also can make them easier to get its prey.

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