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The strategy builds on the game SimCity: How to Build a City

How to Build a City - SimCity Buildit is top game for iOS platform. Just like other mobile strategy games, this game requires you have all-direction thoughts and plan to build the city. You are tasked with completing the challenge, and want to know how to accomplish these easier and smoothly? Read on the SimCity BuildIt tips for build the ultimate city.

The strategy builds on the game SimCity

1. Keep the buildings working. 
No matter if we're talking about factories or stores, you should keep them all producing at all times. The factories produce the main goods, normally, while the more advanced buildings turn them into rarer materials and help you upgrade your residences to improve your city. It's vital to keep them working at all times to be ready for quick deals or upgrades that are required to your residences.

2. Focus on the service requirements. 
You have a virtually unlimited number of residences that you can build as long as you have the materials - and they are easy to get - but in order for your city to really thrive, you need to provide your newly built houses with services. Keep an eye on the service demands by tapping any Service in the build menu (like Power), and then browse in the upper menu through the icons and see the requirements for each type of service. You always want your capacity to be equal or higher than the demand for your Sims to be happy.

3. Get upgrade materials.
Some of your buildings can be upgraded - like the City Storage, an extremely important helpful part of your city. In order to get the materials you need, you should keep an eye on your residences and tap the icons that appear above them - a bubble will appear, telling you if they are happy or sad about something. You have to tap that bubble too and you have a chance of getting a special item required for upgrading.

4. Look out for deals. 
Look for the coins icon that randomly appears above some of your buildings and tap it - you will be offered different types of deals, requiring different items for you and paying you with gold (Simoleons). Since getting more Simoleons is really difficult in this game, I would suggest to take all the deals that are offered to you because the materials will be build back in time.

5. Plan your city early on. 
It's true that you can move buildings around and change things as you please, but a bit of planning doesn't hurt. Personally, I would suggest creating an industrial area and residential area and keep them far away from each other: the industrial area will be dirty and unpleasant to live in, so make sure that you always have a plan and don't mix the residential buildings with the ones that pollute the air.

6. Your main goal is to expand your population. 
Success in SimCity BuildIt is measured in the number of population your city has and many cool things get unlocked when you get more. So make it your main goal to increase your city's population as much as possible by building new residences and upgrading them. Provide services to your people, build parks to keep them happy and your city will be perfect. And don't forget that the happier your Sims are, the more coins you will collect per day from the City Hall!

7. Keep an eye on all stats - and the more you develop your city.
The more services you'll have to consider, be patient and wait for all the materials to be ready and you will have a bustling city that everybody will envy.

8. Spend your Sim Cash wisely. 
The first Sim Cash investment that I made was in an extra spot for the Building Supplies Store (just 4 Sim Cash) and it was a really smart move that I recommend to you too. You don't really need to spend Sim Cash to hurry production anywhere, so focus on increasing the capacity of your Stores instead because the items produced there take the longest to make and are extremely valuable.

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