Monday, December 14, 2015

Step by Step Download Audio from Youtube Videos

How to Download Only Audio from Youtube - YouTube is a video sharing media that has so many users around the world. By having an account on youtube you can share videos quickly. Through this medium you can promote a wide range of video as a way to make a blog, how to apload video to youtube and so forth.

To get the audio quality on youtube, can be done using audio on how to download youtube. Here are the steps in the youtube audio download.

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Step One: Go to the site

Step Two: Copy and paste the youtube video address to be downloaded audio as shown below. Then click the GO button

Step by Step Download Only Audio from Youtube

Step Three: Wait some time to display the link to download the audio. Then click the link. After that you will see a new page and then click the Download button MP3.

Conversion Youtube Videos to Audio

Step Four: Determine the storage area by selecting Save and then click OK.

Thus, how to download audio on youtube, may be helpful and useful to us all. Also Read: How to Download Youtube Videos with Browser.

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